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It is a necessity in today’s business world to have credit card processing capabilities to sell your service or products. We offer our customers the equipment they need to efficiently process customer orders and complementary services to correlate with these needs.

Our Advantage

CoCard PBS is a member office of CoCard who is a registered Member Service Provider with several of the industry’s largest payment processors. Having access to multiple platforms gives us the ability to provide numerous solutions to your business that better serve your individual processing needs. It also allows CoCard the ability to present an entirely customized, state-of-the-art processing solution. This includes the most in technologically advanced products available in the market today!


Gift & Loyalty

Our Gift card programs offer many benefits to business owners. The programs build customer loyalty, generate revenue, increase traffic and provide a low-cost marketing edge that allows smaller businesses to compete with larger companies. The cards are easily activated at the point-of-sale, and reporting occurs automatically through our POS terminals. Adding loyalty to your gift card program allows you to track customer behavior and uses points to give you more repeat customers!

Managed Network Solutions

The Network Firewall we offer comes with centralized management including 24/7 monitoring, logging, and intrusion detection and prevention. Our users benefit from remote installation, hardware replacement, web content filtering and a 30 URL whitelist! We also offer PCI compliance validation that comes with a set of features that includes a $100K TrustVault certificate, management portal, vulnerability scanning, critical device monitoring, and online employee training. Reach out to our team to learn more about our Network Solutions!!

Credit & Debit Processing

In 2017 it has become a necessity to accept all types of cards to process customer payments. There’s no question accepting credit and debit cards will allow your business to compete more effectively in your industry. We offer a wide range of card-based payment options to our customers. Our merchants accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club and more!

Who benefits from working with us?

We provide the latest processing solutions for all merchant types including retail, restaurants, home-based companies and more. The slides below will give you more indication of how we work with companies like yours!


Our healthcare clients are serviced with seamless integration and industry expertise which creates responsible patient payment processing. We work with every type of practice across the industry and are endorsed by dozens of national, state and regional healthcare associations. Benefits for your organization are endless when you partner with us! Reach out to our team to find out more.


We offer solutions for merchants who operate any type of retail storefront. You no longer need to worry about slow transactions with any dial-ups! Your store can access the power of high speed Point-of-Sale terminals, instantly authorize customer orders and provide efficient customer service.


Our services and equipment can be used by restaurants of any size. Whether you’re running a food truck, café or 5-star restaurant, we have a solution to fit your business model. Allow our payment processing systems to clean up how you interact with customers to assure they come back for another bite!

Hospitality & Lodging

As you know, your hotel guests are looking for more than just a mint on their pillow! Your card processing system should work seamlessly in each department of your establishment to give your guests the experience they demand. Choose CoCard to be your hotel merchant partner and allow our features to give you the advantage you’ve been looking for!


We offer customized donation processing for organizations. With experience working along non-profits we remain aware the donation and payment processing needs of this market are unique compared to traditional merchants. Our online and POS solutions are created to meet the specific needs of organizations like yours!


Looking for a payment solution for your online business? Look no further! We use the latest equipment designed to correlate with your shopping cart or local network. Our systems insure your customers have a secure, professional and seamless payment experience.

Convenience Stores

We know a key to success at your convenience store is speed and efficiency at checkout. Our payment processing programs are customized for the industry by offering solutions for small ticket items and fleet cards. Our processes are made to interface with most “pay at the pump” hardware, and we’ll setup your location with the best equipment for inside sales as well.

Financial Institutions

Merchant solutions for financial companies has become overly complicated due to increased government regulations. Local legislation and mandates within the payment industry can impact your ability to properly serve your customers. Partner with our industry leading processes, and you can keep your focus where it needs to be.


Freestanding Terminals

Freestanding terminals are the workhorse of credit card processing in the retail and restaurant environments. We offer a full selection of state of the art freestanding terminals that are fully equipped, PCI-compliant, and EMV capable. Our freestanding terminals hold everything you need to complete a card-present sales transaction: An EMV chip reader, internet connection and a receipt printer, all in one compact countertop unit. With the addition of a keypad for manual PIN entry, POS terminals can also process PIN debit cards and EBT cards.

Virtual Terminals

Our Virtual Terminals create eCommerce possibilities for your business! Virtual Terminals are a necessity if you plan on securely and efficiently processing payments online. We offer easily accessible options through our electronic payment gateway, and provide online shopping carts that can be integrated with these options. If you plan on accepting payments online, our trustworthy Virtual Terminals will help you get the job done!


Mobile payment processing has become a must in 2017 for those doing business in the field. As cell phones have become such an important part of our everyday lives, consumers are now more willing to use their cards to pay with a mobile processing system. With a simplistic method to setup, our mobile terminals place the power of money making in the palm of your hand!

Wireless Terminals

Mobile payment processing has become a must in 2017 for those doing business in the field. As cell phones have become such an important part of our everyday lives, consumers are now more willing to use their cards to pay with a mobile processing system. With a simplistic method to setup, our mobile terminals place the power of money making in the palm of your hand!

About Us

Hi, my name is Raymond Raya. I founded Premium Business Solutions over 23 years ago. In the year of 2000, Premium Business Solutions became a member of CoCard. I am proud to say that as CoCard PBS has grown and evolved as a business, it has remained a family oriented company. Two of my children who are pictured here, Elizabeth and Zachary, help upkeep of daily operations within the business. Working alongside both of them everyday has been a blessing!

Quite often, businesses are missing the proper tools that would allow them to provide the most value to their customers. We understand how this can add extra tasks when trying to do it all on your own, which is why we want to help you. CoCard PBS assures that the focus is on your customers. We make it a point to tailor our services to be beneficial to you and your customers while remaining authentic and efficient.

Here at CoCard PBS, our number one value that we have and will continue to live by is trust. We believe that our clients deserve the very best! When we inform our clients of how we are going to improve their businesses by using our services, our focus is always to over-deliver what we promise.

We would like to take a moment to thank our current clients for allowing CoCard PBS to take care of all your non-cash transaction needs. You are what makes this company great! To our future clients, we look forward to working with you and we believe you will be very satisfied with our services. We hope to chat with you soon!

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How long does the approval process take?

Once your application is complete, the processing time takes approximately 24-48 hours (especially if we receive your application before noon, CST). If you’re approved, we’ll promptly inform you of your acceptance and deliver the terminal equipment and software to the location you desire.

What kinds of businesses does CoCard accept as clients?

We accept retail, professional service providers, trade shows, mail order, telephone order, Internet based and home-based businesses. We do not accept adult-related businesses.

Can I use a smartphone or tablet to process credit cards?

Yes! Mobile processing solutions turn your smartphone or tablet into a credit card terminal and much more. These app-based options let you deliver your products or services directly to your customers in the field, or at your place of business. CoCard consolidates payment acceptance of credit and debit cards, cash and checks all in one system that processes transactions through a single gateway. Gain real-time access to all of your payments and add inventory information to your system directly at the point of sale.

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